Creating incidents manually
Manual incidents are usually reported by your non-technical colleagues. They are great for reporting time-sensitive issues such as: "The site is up, but payments are not working".

How it works

To create a new incident manually:
  • Go to Incidents
  • Click Report a new incident in the upper-right corner
  • Describe the incident details, optionally upload attachments and screenshots
  • Select who should get notified
  • Click Create a new incident

Share your secret URL with others

Share the secret URL with other teams so they can report bugs like the inability to create a new account or change a password directly to the development team.

Where to find the secret shareable URL

  • Go to Incidents
  • Click Report a new incident
  • Copy the URL in the input at the top of the page
  • Share this URL in your company's Slack or wiki
Last modified 1yr ago