Status pages

Status pages help you communicate the system status of your services with customers and build confidence in your product.

Create a status page

To create a status page:

  • Go to IntegrationsCreate status page

  • Add your company name, subdomain, and a website URL

  • Optionally add your Get in touch URL, Twitter handle and upload your logo

Configure a custom sub-domain

Custom sub-domain allows you to display your status page on your own subdomain domain — such as

To host your status page on a custom sub-domain:

  • Go to Status Pages

  • Pick a status page you want to add a custom domain to

  • Type your domain in the Custom domain field

  • Add CNAME DNS record with generated Host and Target listed in the table

  • Click Save changes

Configure the "Get in touch" button

Get in touch button allows your status page visitors to contact you.

To add Get in touch button:

  • Go to Status pages

  • Pick a status page

  • Type your website contact page URL or mailto: address in the Get in touch URL field

  • Click Save changes