Invite team members

Invite your colleagues and collaborate on keeping your services up.

Invite team members manually

To invite colleagues using their e-mail address:

  • Go to Team members

  • Click Invite colleagues in the upper-right corner

  • Enter your colleagues' e-mail addresses

  • Click Invite

  • We will send invites to the e-mail addresses you entered

Screenshot of an invitation e-mail

Invite team members automatically

We will invite your colleagues automatically if you use their e-mail addresses in the on-call calendar events.

Please read Managing on-call schedules first for a better understanding of how on-call schedules using calendar work.

We will always send you an e-mail confirming that a new team member was invited into your team.


  • isn't a member of your Stripe team yet

  • You create an on-call calendar event "" in your on-call calendar (eg. Google Calendar)

  • We will send an e-mail inviting them to join Stripe team on Better Uptime

  • We will send you an e-mail confirming we automatically invited