Creating incidents manually

Learn how create incidents manually in Better Uptime.
Manual incidents are usually reported by your non-technical colleagues. They are great for reporting time-sensitive issues such as: "The site is up, but payments are not working".

Creating incidents manually in the incidents dashboard

To create a new incident manually:
  • Go to Incidents
  • Click Report a new incident in the upper-right corner
  • Describe the incident details, optionally upload attachments and screenshots
  • Select who should get notified
  • Click Create a new incident

Creating incident manually via secret sharable URL

To allow non-Better Uptime users to manually report an incident you can share your secret URL. This allows anyone with that URL to manually create an incident without the need to sign up or sign in.
To share your secret URL:
  • Go to Incidents
  • Click Report a new incident
  • Copy the URL in the input at the top of the page
  • Share this URL in your company's Slack or wiki