API monitoring
Learn more about API monitoring in Better Uptime.
New to API monitoring? Explore our introduction to API monitoring and create your first monitors with ease.
APIs can be monitored by creating an HTTP status-code monitor or a keyword monitor. Uptime monitor will only check the returned status code, while the keyword monitor can check for a specific string in the API response.

To create an API monitor:
  • Go to Monitors β†’ Create monitor
  • Change Alert us when the host above selection to Becomes unavailable
  • Enter the API's URL in the text input
  • Go to Advanced settings -> Request parameters
  • Select an HTTP method you want to use for the requests
  • (Optional) Include request body parameters to the request body
  • Select an authentication method: either use request headers or HTTP authentication
  • Click Create monitor
Read more about customizing monitor requests: request parameters, headers, and HTTP authentication.
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