Pausing monitors and maintenances
Learn how to pause monitors and create maintenances in Better Uptime.

If you are planning long maintenance and don't want to receive downtime alerts you may want to pause the monitor.
To pause a monitor:
  • Go to Monitors
  • Pick a monitor you want to pause
  • Click Pause this monitor in the headline
  • We will not monitor the endpoint host now
  • If you want to start monitoring again, click Unpause monitor
Planning maintenance? For scheduled maintenances, we recommend creating a maintenance window. Please read below.

Scheduled maintenance windows are used for times when you expect downtime to happen and don't want to be alerted. For example, you may be running maintenance scripts in your infrastructure or provisioning a new infrastructure.
To add a maintenance window:
  • Go to Monitors
  • Pick a monitor you want to add a maintenance window to
  • Click Configure in the headline
  • Click Advanced settings
  • Enter your maintenance window time in the Maintenance window between and select the right timezone
  • Click Save changes
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